Template Guidelines

Legal Disclaimer

We have a team of staff going over every template posted. If we find a template that is against our Guidelines, our team reserves the right to take disciplinary actions as seen fit against templates that break the Guidelines.Disciplinary actions can include warnings for minor first infractions up to permanent bans for heavy or repeated violations of rules.


Templates must not contain any content that is against the Terms Of Service of Discord or of Law. .

Your template will violate the guidelines if it:

Includes advertisements in the templates.
Includes clues like links, invite codes, and advertisements.
Includes affiliate marketing.
Is a copy of another template on our website.
Includes racism, adultery, and blaspheme.
Uses tags that arent related to the template.
Uses a template that you haven't made

You will violate the guidelines if you:

Bypass a ban.
Offer payment for making templates.
Violate discord guidelines.
Violate template guidelines.
Use non-alphanumeric unicodes in your Discord name.