Amazing community discord server

Hi, this is a server template l has many roles and channels all of them are set up its amazing DM to work with me,watch my video if you wanna know how every thing works and my server

ds.load template
what's this?

8195 people are using this template

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  • Wow! That's an amazing job! It has many channels and roles, you must have taken several hours to do this. Great job, keep going!
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  • witch bots do use it ?
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  • Yo can I have help setting the server up
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    ! ! ! ! !SPOKY EDDY!!ᵇᵒᵗ ✔ .exe#8659

  • LOVE IT Incredible! How many time did you spend in this? It’s incredible
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  • How to setup?
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  • how do i add this to a server without making a new server
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